Maulik Patel

Banckend & Devops Engineer


I write code, design software & admire creative work around the web technologies. I have been writing code and bring 17+ years of experience in building for the web and end-to-end solutions; my work experience includes various projects as either a front-end developer, a back-end developer, or both.

Worked with small scale company to globally leading & fortune 500 companies. Started my career as an individual contributor and as I grew up in industry- I also got a chance to work with large team spread across the glob. I understand business requirement and how to turn it into reality. I have sound knowledge of front end technologies along with server side and cloud technologies.

Currently I'm working as a Principal DevOps Engineer at Autodesk, Inc. In Autodesk Forge division our goal is to unlock the power of design and engineering data using Cloud-based developer tools from Autodesk. This gave me chance to work on some of the coolest technologies available in Cloud Technologies. Here at autodesk, I was part of the team who built these publicly released products-

Competencies, Technologies & Tools

API Design - Object Oriented Design - MVC Patterns - Continuous Deployment - Unit Tests - Cloud Orchestration - Kubernetes - Docker - Amazon EC2 S3 ECS EKS Lambda StepFn ApiGateway Dynamodb CloudFormation SQS SNS - Terraform - Jenkins - Java - Python - Bash - Golang - GRPC - JavaScript - HTML5 - CSS - C# - ASP.NET - MVC.NET - PHP - Bootstrap - jQuery - Backbone.js - Underscore.js - AngularJS - ShareJS - Handlebars - Google Closure Templates - Typescript - LESS - SQL Server - HAProxy - IIS - Apache - Node.js - Grunt - REST - SOAP - Websockets - Vagrant - Windows - Mac - Linux - Git - Perforce - SVN - TFS

Personal Life

I'm from Gujarat's vibrant & colorful city Rajkot. Did my engineering from VVP Engineering College, Rajkot. Currently live in Kitchener, Canada with my wonderful wife and cute daughter. Most of my morning time goes in reading news paper and playing with my daughter. I collect old postal stamps & coins. And apart from all, these are my Hobbies & Interest-